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October and the first days of fall are finally here. Cold rainy mornings are always the best for a cup of fresh coffee.


1.Check out Whole Latte Love’s new YouTube stream. Here you can see a number of espresso machines in action,discover the different types and learn more about espresso machine maintenance.


2. International Delight is giving away free tumblers, according to Coffee Stylish. Also check out their post about coffee in Arabia.


3. In the market for a superautomatic? Daily Shot of Coffee has you covered with its very detailed superautomatic buying guide.


4. Irate over shipping costs at web retailers? Smelling the Coffee feels your pain.


5. Have you tried the new Bonavita variable temperature kettle? According to The Coffee Adventures, it lives up the Bonavita name with its precise temperature control.


Photo: Zavarykin Sergey

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  1. Hi, Daniel
    wow, I can’t believe that you found that post. It was one of the first posts I wrote on my blog. As far as the International delight giveaway, you readers should hurry up if they want to enter, since it ends today. Thanks a lot for the shout out, wish you a great week! :)

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