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Top Ten Coffee Infographics


To brighten up your Monday, we offer this list of a few (ten, to be precise) of our favorite coffee infographics.

Have a favorite you don’t see here? Send us a link in the comments below!


1. The Compendious Coffee Chart – detailing 22 (!) different coffee production methods.


2. Social Media Explained…With Coffee – coffee as a vehicle for explaining the differences between social media platforms.

coffee infographic

 3.The Medical Benefits of Being Addicted to Coffee – We love the design. We love the subject matter (naturally). But, we would love this infographic even more if it referenced its sources. (We are of the firm belief that everyone loves a good footnote.)


4. The Multiple Personalities of Coffee – You had us at the tagline (“Support Local Coffee Shops”).

coffee infographic 2

5. The Perfect Pour: A Citizen’s Guide – Plaid Creative’s infographic is all about the proportions.


6. The Buzz vs. The Bulge – Calories on the y-axis, caffeine on the x-axis.


7. In Caffeine We Trust – An interactive infographic for tracking your personal consumption.


8. SCAA Coffeehouse Sales Trends Report – If only all sales reports were this pleasurable to read . . .

mint coffee

9. How Coffee Affects The Global Economy –’s guide to how coffee affects the global economy. Released in 2010, so the numbers are a bit outdated, but brilliant nonetheless.

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coffee facts


10. The Coffee Facts One of the best in class of the general coffee overview infographics, in terms of balancing content and design aesthetic.


oatmeal coffee

Bonus: 15(ish) Things Worth Knowing About Coffee – You might want to set your mug down for this one. Explosive (coffee through nose) laughter may occur upon reading. This officially counts towards our “learn one thing” (or 15ish) every day goal.


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