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Top K-Cup Organizers for the Kitchen


    nifty k-cup basket

If you use the Keurig K-cup system in your home, a K-cup carousel to organize your coffee is worth having. There’s nothing more inconvenient than rummaging through drawers every morning to get your caffeine fix. A K-cup tower can also showcase your coffee collection and fill up empty space on the kitchen counter. Check out CoffeeKrave’s list of the top K-cup carousels for your kitchen.

Keurig 5071 K-cup Carousel Tower

keurig k-cup carousel tower

This K-cup carousel stores up to 30 cups and measures 13″ tall by 7″ wide– about the same height as a Keurig coffee maker. The metal color of the Keurig 5071 is a great match for modern-themed kitchens and the spinning stand makes accessing your coffee easy. The under-$25 price is hard to beat as well.

K-Cup Organizer

nifty k-cup drawer

Check out this K-cup drawer if spinning stands aren’t your thing. The Nifty 54 coffee pod storage system features a mesh base with three drawers for any type of coffee capsule. It holds up to 54 K-cups, but the drawer system does make it harder to get to pods in the back. This is a good choice if your kitchen has lots of shelves or wide cabinets. You can also set it next to your Keurig coffee maker and set other items, such as mugs or sugar, on top of it. This K-cup organizer is also much harder to knock over than a K-cup tower, something to consider if you have cats or active children. Keurig also makes a smaller single-drawer model that stores 36 cups.

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K-Cup Storage Rack

k-cup storage rack

This K-cup storage rack is as versatile as it is good-looking. You can set it upright using the built-in stand, hang it on a wall or place it in a drawer. The metal rack holds 35 K-cups and includes hardware for mounting on wood. I think it’s a good choice if you have a more classic-themed kitchen as opposed to modern decor. A cheaper chrome version is available.

Lipper Bamboo Coffee Organizer

k-cup holder

The Lipper bamboo K-cup carousel looks more like a wine rack than a K-cup tower. This product has a nice natural feel and is made of one of the most sustainable woods available. The Lipper coffee organizer holds up to 30 cups and has a spinning base. Consider it if you want to add a touch of natural humanity to your coffee setup. At around $30, it costs the same as its metal counterparts.

Keurig Under-Cabinet Holder

Keurig Under-cabinet K-cup rack

This innovative K-cup coffee holder makes use of the often-forgotten space under the cabinet. The metal rack swings up and down for easy storage and retrieval and uses a patented 3M adhesive instead of screws to attach to your cabinet. Keurig states that the this K-cup organizer fits under most cabinets and holds 36 K-cups. Retail price is around $40.

K-Cup Basket

    nifty k-cup basket

If a K-cup rack or K-cup carousel aren’t for you, check out the Nifty K-cup basket. Throw the under-$15 metal basket anywhere on your counter to stash several dozen K-cups. The Nifty K-cup organizer stores several dozen pods in a two-basket configuration. You can stack the baskets or separate them, which is perfect for placement in drawers. You can also use it for other things like fruit and vegetables.

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And of course, you can always improvise. You don’t necessary have to buy an officially-designated “K-cup holder” or K-cup carousel. Look around garage sales and flea markets for suitable baskets, carve your own out of wood, or improvise any kind of storage drawer to fit your K-cup storage needs. You can also use many K-cup organizers to store Senseo pods and Nespresso capsules.


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  1. where do I find this swing down under cabinet K-cup holder? I phoned Keurig …and…nothing

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