The Top Coffee Tourism Destinations


If you haven’t make your summer travel plans yet, it’s time to get cracking. Ditch the Blackberry, find someone to take care of the kids and check out our list of the best coffee travel destinations. It’s time to see the world!

1. Brazil

coffee plantation in brazil

Brazil is not only the world’s top coffee producer, but one of the most diverse coffee destinations as well. From July to September you see the coffee harvesting take place first-hand. The Nossa Familia coffee tour includes hands-on coffee harvesting, local hikes and of course, coffee to take home.

Be sure to set aside time to experience the night life and sights in Rio de Janeiro or the beautiful beaches in the northeast part of the country.

Photo: Chaval

2. Hawaii

hawaii coffee

The only US state that grows coffee, Hawaii plantations are best known for their Kona variety. There are a number of Kona coffee plantations along the Hualalai and Mauna Loa slopes. The area’s mineral-rich volcanic sand and reliable weather make for great coffee-growing conditions.

There are over 800 coffee plantations in Hawaii, so finding a tour is a breeze. Try Greenwell Farms, Mountain Thunder or check out the Kona Coffee Farmers website for more choices. Head to the beach after your done, check out one of the island’s several botanical gardens, or get a coffee to go for a whale watching session.

Photo: Tim Wilson

3. Seattle


As you’d expect, Seattle has a rich local coffee scene. You may want to try the Seattle coffee crawl or enjoy coffee cupping at one of the city’s top cafes. A quick peek-in at original Starbucks at 1912 Pike Place might not be the end of the world.

The Pike Place Market, Seattle Art Museum and aquarium are also worth seeing. You can also take the train to Vancouver for a pleasant day trip.

Photo: Cynthia Lou

4. Indonesia


Indonesia’s location along the equator makes it an ideal place for growing coffee. The Aceh region on the northwestern tip of Sumatra is home to a large number of small growers, but the area has been hard-hit in recent decades by human rights abuses and the 2004 tsunami.

This year’s Indonesian Coffee Festival takes place September 14- 15 in Yogyakarta. Miss Coffee Indonesia will show you around.

Photo: jbobo7

5. Italy

No caffeinated traveller can die without first seeing birthplace of espresso. Each region of Italy has its own unique coffee style. Be sure to check out the Caffe al Bicerin in Turin and the La Marzocco espresso machine factory in Florence. Visit different cafes and try a new drink at each one. Other European cities to visit for coffee include Vienna, Paris and for a change of pace, Istanbul.

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