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Daniel, Editor-in-Chief here at CoffeeKrave, knows the fastest way to this writer’s heart is to add “science” or “geek” or “tech” tags to any assignment.

With our love of Venn diagrams, our obsessively documented citations and our tendency to drop in random science shout outs (Hi there, Evangelista Torricelli!), the staff at CoffeeKrave is extremely well qualified to present this roundup of the top coffee mugs for geeks.


mug 2

It doesn’t get better than Tesla. Seriously, it doesn’t, and Matthew Inman’s I Heart Tesla mug has pride of place on this list. Inman’s ode to Tesla: “Nikola Tesla was an insane genius who ushered humanity into a second industrial revolution. He spoke eight languages, invented radio, alternating current, radar, x-rays, and I’m pretty sure he invented lightning storms, cheese, and the internet.”

(I wanted to stop the list right here as a gesture of respect, but my editor has made it quite clear that one item does not a list make. And so we continue.)

Bonus content: Inman’s girlfriend writes a coffee blog!


mug 3

Full disclosure: I am too much of a neat freak to put a bumper sticker on my car, but I have always wanted one. This one: “Geek by Nature. Linux by Choice.” Now I can express my OG status with a “Linux Guru” mug.  (I love the various Tux mug designs, but the penguin is a little too cute for how I roll with my coffee.)


mug 4

My formative years were spent playing Portal. (Explains a lot, doesn’t it?) The cake is a lie, but this Aperture Laboratories mug isn’t. (“Two plus two is [static] … ten. In base four! I’m fine!”)


mug 5

A coffee mug with the periodic table of the elements? Oxygen Magnesium!


mug 6

A mug in case you are ever in need of a rejoinder (or twelve) to: “It’s not rocket science!”


mug 7

Think of February 14th as Valentine’s Day? I like to think of it as the birthday of the inventor of the QWERTY layout. Next year I will be celebrating with these keyboard coffee mugs. (Unless I decide to go with these mugs, celebrating the three finger keyboard salute.)


mug 8

“Ready, Steady, Build!” The Build-On Brick mug will satisfy your inner Bob the Builder. (Can we fix coffee? Yes we can!)


mug 9

I used to drink my coffee from a lab beaker, but a dedicated Beaker mug is no doubt a safer option.


mug 11

You can’t buy this mug, but you can build it – if you have mad science skills.

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Bonus points awarded to readers who use the comments section below to discuss Brouwer’s fixed point theorem in the 3-d context of stirring a cup of coffee.


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