Ever come across a product and say, “Huh? Why would anyone want that?” That was exactly my reaction when I came across the Cafejo My French Press on Amazon.com. The product’s creator touts that it’s the only French press on the market specifically designed to brew K-cups.

That’s right– the only one. Last week I touched on the problems with K-cup coffee, namely the high price and low quality of the capsules. Keurig owners in-the-know buy K-cups because they have to, not because of their exceptional quality. K-cup coffee generally tastes stale and watered down. The capsules retail for as much as a dollar apiece. For the undiscerning coffee drinker, they offer a marginal amount of convenience.

The Cafejo My French Press promises to brew the best cup of coffee. Yet it’s not even a real French press. Watch the video above and you’ll see that that coffee grounds aren’t even fully immersed. You’re just pushing water through stale coffee grounds. Granted, one benefit of the My French press is the chance to properly heat water yourself. Other than that, the product is a step completely in the wrong direction. Cafejo calls its product a French press yet it offers none of the benefits of French press coffee. Supposedly you can add your own grounds instead of using a K-cup, but this brewer won’t provide good extraction under any circumstances.

The My French Press requires you to buy expensive yet sub-par K-cups, but doesn’t offer an ounce of  convenience. And it’s not even a real French press because it doesn’t immerse the grounds. If want better coffee, buy the real thing instead. Check out our French press buying guide and the ultimate resource for brewing gourmet coffee on the cheap.

In the meantime, stay away from this coffee press. You can check out the manufacturer’s page here. Sprudge shares a similar sentiment.