The Aeropress Metal Filter: Does It Save Money?

The Aeropress has always been a favorite around here, but its reliance on disposable paper filters requires owners to stock up on replacements. A company called Able has come to the rescue with a reusable metal Aeropress filter. Its DISK filter promises to settle your filter worries for good, but how does it stack up cost-wise against the cost of paper filters? Can it save money?

Whereas paper filters are cheap up-front, the DISK coffee filter is a more significant investment. The price for for 350 AeroPress micro filters is $5.02 on as of this writing. The DISK filter is $16.99– half the price of a brand new AeroPress. I’m using Amazon prices for this comparison because they are generally very competitive and there’s no need to factor in the cost of shipping. This analysis also ignores differences in taste preference.

How many paper filters would you have to go through before you started saving money? According to my calculations, nearly 1185 ((16.99/5.02)*350). Assuming you go through one paper filter a day, it would take 3.25 years before the DISK filter paid for itself. Keep in mind you can rinse off the paper filters between brews and use them again, but I wouldn’t let a used filter sit more than a few hours.

Is the DISK coffee filter a money-saving investment in the end? I’ll leave that decision up to you. The steel construction of the filter should easily endure 3 years of use, but it’s easy to lose or accidentally damage such small things over time as well. If you only use the AeroPress occasionally, it’s most likely a money-losing endeavor. Heavy AeroPressers will likely find the filter a good buy, though.

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