Caffeinated at 30,000 Feet: Is It Possible to Make Your Own Coffee on an Airplane?


My philosophy toward airline coffee has always been, “Take what you can get and make the best of it.” Certainly the flight attendant would prefer I sit down, shut up and accept her meager brew. But it hit me– why can’t I make my own on the plane? Is it even possible? We set out to find the answer. Caffeinated at 30,000 Feet: Mile High Brewing Setups The constraints of a typical economy cabin don’t leave many options open. High-flying brewers

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Clever Coffee Dripper

clever coffee dripper

For the past few months, we have been hearing a lot of buzz about the Clever Coffee Dripper from Sweet Maria’s. A friend recently purchased one, and we were able to {ahem} “borrow” it to see if it lives up to the hype. Having put it through its paces for a full seven days of morning coffee, we have two important things we’d like to tell you about this coffee maker: 1) The name might be a little confusing; and

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