Do Coffee Shops Make You More Creative?


Does the ambiance of a coffee-shop put you in a creative mood? If so, you are experiencing the positive benefits of ambient noise induced processing disfluency. (I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to drop that phrase into dinner party conversation . . . ) Researchers hypothesize that being moderately distracted pushes you to a higher construct level, resulting in more abstract and creative thinking. Low levels of noise don’t create the same effect, and with higher

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Finding the Perfect Coffee Shop


How do you find “that place” in a new city — that perfect coffee shop that meets your particular needs as a coffee loving individual? However specific your preferences, we have an approach that we believe will land you in that sweet spot, a formula we have tested in some pretty far flung places. We also have some folklore to share that might, or might not, help you to hone in on the target. Tested Methodology for Finding the

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