Making Yourself More Beautiful with Coffee


We’ve talked before about the health benefits of coffee. Today we thought we would wander out of the kitchen and over to the spa to talk about the beauty benefits of coffee. Considering how many seriously expensive beauty products make good use of the beneficial effects of caffeine, we are recommending a more budget-friendly, DIY approach to making yourself more beautiful with coffee. Coffee Exfoliating Scrubs Ground coffee is one of the finest exfoliants we know. It’s right up

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Using Coffee Grounds in the Garden

coffee grounds in the garden

  Did you know that after your coffee fuels you, the grounds could go on to fuel new growth in your garden? Using coffee grounds in the garden is an eco-friendly way to divert organic waste away from the trash bin and into the compost pile. Coffee grounds are an outstanding source of nitrogen for composting, and they improve the structure of your soil. Gardeners also claim coffee grounds repel slugs, snails and kittens. {Before the picture of a

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