Coffee and Dogs: A Tribute


A few readers objected when Coffee Krave posted Coffee and Cats: A Tribute last April. Sure, cats might be ok, but what about dogs? I suppose you can’t enjoy man’s favorite drink without man’s best friend. By special request, here’s a tribute to coffee and dogs. 1. A Balancing Act Photo: SuperFantastic 2. Coffee in the Dog Park Photo: Max / MDgoesMAD 3. Just Hanging Out Photo: Sam Fam Related: How to Choose the Best Coffee Maker– The right

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Coffee and Cats: A Tribute


The best part of waking up is Folgers feline in my cup (I’d take cat hair over Folgers any day). These desk creatures have a knack for sitting on our keywords, tearing up toilet paper and yes, getting into our morning coffee. Yet what would we do without these lifelong companions? Here’s to coffee and cats. 1. I can’t make coffee until he moves! Photo: Thomas Cizauskas 2. This one gets away with everything Photo: Peter Clark 3. Just

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Crisis in the Fields: Climate Change and Coffee Rust


It’s beginning to look like 2013 will go down in the history books as the coffee world’s annus horribilis. It’s the Year of Rust, or more specifically, Hemileia vastatrix, the coffee rust fungus. While never a welcome sight, the telltale orange dust can, in a normal year, typically be described as seasonal, commonplace and mild. The adjectives that are being used in coffee rust conversations this year conjure up a very different reality: severe, devastating, crisis. The rust compromises

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An Introduction to Coffee Tasting

coffee cupping event

“I’m a firm believer that understanding is developed through the act of comparison.” —Geoff Watts, Director of Coffee, Intelligenstia Coffee Coffee tasting—what is it and how does it work? As with other types of food and drink tastings, the objective of a coffee tasting is to compare the qualities of different samples of the product in question. As part of an ongoing process, coffee tastings allow the taster to build a mental Rolodex of flavors and aromas to facilitate future comparisons.

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The Best Instant Coffee: Is There Such a Thing?

instant coffee

  Starting a conversation about instant coffee on a coffee blog is a lot like starting a conversation about politics and religion at a family reunion. You need to be equal parts brave and foolish, and well prepared for reactions that are as instant and as bitter as the taboo subject at hand. So . . . the best instant coffee. Is there such a thing? At CoffeeKrave, we are brave and foolish enough, in the correct proportions, to

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Coffee and Tea: How Can You Choose?

coffee and tea

Nearly everyone in my family needs to have a cup of Assam tea at exactly 4 in the afternoon. As an Indian living in the US, I’m fortunate enough to know two types of people: those who need coffee to function, and those who need tea. Few people identify as daily consumers of both coffee and tea but I don’t think many of us made a deliberate choice to prefer one over the other. So how do you choose

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Top 5 Benefits of Coffee

benefits of coffee

When I was a kid, my grandmother never let me have a sip of her coffee because she was sure that the smallest drop would stunt my growth. Now I suspect she just didn’t want a 7-year-old with caffeine in her system running around priceless heirlooms. Even as recently as 20 years ago, we all heard “facts” about coffee being bad for your health. Research was conducted, probably by scientists who couldn’t imagine forgoing their morning cup of coffee,

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Coffee Ice Cream

coffee ice cream

At CoffeeKrave, the minute the calendar page flips over to July we become obsessed with one thing: Coffee Ice Cream. We wanted to get the “inside scoop” from an expert, so we caught up with Dave Kumec, Chef/Owner of Mission Hill Creamery in Santa Cruz, California. Dave has been known to describe himself as a man who eats, sleeps, drinks and dreams ice cream (via the Santa Cruz Sentinel). That dedication has paid off, and Mission Hill Creamery is

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Drink Bird Friendly Coffee & Save Wildlife

pelican birds mating

Is your coffee for the birds? We recently covered what it really means when your coffee has a “certified fair trade” label. It turns out that may not be the only label you encounter in the coffee aisle. Certified organic and fair trade have entered our collective consciousness as coffee-related terms, but they represent only the beginning of the environmentally and socially responsible possibilities. The green folks over at the TreeHugger website recently reported on coffee that is {ahem}:

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15 Amazing Coffee Wallpapers for Your Desktop

colorful coffee

The best part of waking up certainly isn’t Folgers in your cup, or any type of coffee in your cup for that matter. Here’s a list of 15 amazing coffee wallpapers worth waking up to for your morning email check. A beautiful desktop is certainly an inspiration for me. Have a wallpaper to add? Feel free to chime in with your own. . 1. Colorful Coffee This coffee wallpaper will definitely add color to your desktop. . 2. Coffee

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