How I fell in love with the Chemex

Pouring with a Chemex

It was a quiet Wednesday in Houston when I ventured to a small coffee shop in the Montrose area near my workplace. The barista asked if I was in a hurry, to which I replied, “Not at all!” – And I am so glad I wasn’t. He shot me a smile as he introduced me to the wonders of the a new coffee maker. It was a strange brewer that resembled a flower pot. He meticulously went through the

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Benefits of Chemex Brewing


  “The Chemists Way: Extract the Best and Skip the Rest.”  – Product Tagline, Chemex Coffeemakers I am really, really into product taglines. As a graduate student, I was often asked to give the “elevator pitch” of my research abstract— tell me everything I need to know about your research in the time span of an elevator ride. Taglines take this distillation of ideas one step further:  tell me everything I need to know about your product, in one

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Chemex Coffee Maker

chemex coffee

The Chemex coffee maker looks like it belongs in a laboratory, but it most likely deserves a place in your kitchen. Devotees claim Chemex coffee is some of the best out there. The makers of Chemex focused solely on the chemical process of coffee brewing in designing this coffee maker, which is pretty evident in its name. If you’re looking for the taste and consistency of  drip coffee without the grossness of automatic drip brew, read on.

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