Starbucks Verismo


Starbucks recently announced that they’re entering the single serve market with a coffee maker called the Verismo. The single serve coffee makers will be up for sale on for $199.

It seems strange for one of the most popular coffee giants to enter the single serve coffee market. Howard Schultz, the Starbucks chairman, president and CEO said in the official news release:

“For more than 41 years, we have been committed to bringing exceptional coffee and espresso beverages to our customers… We are applying that passion and commitment, once again, to the fastest growing segment of the coffee market, the multi-billion-dollar premium single cup segment, with the introduction of a breakthrough at-home Starbucks coffee experience that is second to none. What we are bringing to market today has been impossible until now.”


Starbucks Verismo Features

The Starbucks Verismo is supposed to let people brew typical Starbucks drinks like espressos and drip coffees at home. The single serve Starbucks coffee maker uses Arabica coffee, the same type of coffee used at Starbucks cafes, to make sure the coffee from the Verismo tastes just like coffee from a Starbucks cafe. Along with using Arabica coffee, the Starbucks Verismo also uses milk pods made with real dairy to create a Starbucks-quality drink at home.

These machines are a huge upgrade from VIA Ready Brew, the instant single serve coffee packets Starbucks unveiled in 2009.

The Starbucks Verismo single serve coffee maker uses Swiss-engineered high pressure technology, according to the official news release. The Verismo 580 model comes with basic features like the ability to brew different types of coffee. The pricier V·585 model, which comes with an LED display and temperature control, is available for $399. The Starbucks Verismo models come in silver, black, burgundy and champagne, so they will look contemporary in any home or office environment. On the website, loyal Starbucks customers can buy Espresso Roast pods, milk pods, and the signature blonde, medium and dark coffee roast pods.

Starbucks Verismo Impact on Stocks


The Seattle-based company already makes coffee pods for other brands of single serve coffee makers like Keurig, so it’ll be interesting to see how much more of a profit they’ll make with the Verismo in the market. Stock shares for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, makers of Keurig and Starbucks’ primary rival in the single serve market fell on September 24th. This could perhaps be due to the arrival of the Starbucks Verismo, which is on the market just in time for the holidays.

Starbucks Verismo

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