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Scanomat TopBrewer


Danish commercial coffee machine maker Scanomat just showed off its latest invention at GastroNord today in Stockholm. And I have to say, it’s awe-inspiring enough for me to book a plane ticket to Sweden. The TopBrewer combines everything you could ever want in an automatic espresso machine in a truly beautiful package.

topbrewer ipad app

Scanomat’s new machine combines simplicity and beauty with modern technology. It’s designed to be controlled through an iPhone or iPad, yet provides an experience akin to grabbing a glass of tap water. Just a few things you can with the app include:

  • Program your favorite drinks and configurations.
  • Explore details such as the machine status and temperature
  • Order more coffee beans before you run out

scanomat topbrewer

As you would expect from the eco-minded Danes, this coffee machine consumes a remarkable 0 watts in standby mode and is made of recyclable materials. Yet it can brew a laundry list of drinks in next to no time. According to Scanomat, the TopBrewer can make a filter coffee in 15 seconds and espresso in 25 seconds– all with elegant style. Other drinks the Scanomat coffee machine dole out include cappuccino, cafe late, macchiato and hot chocolate.


More About the TopBrewer


The very low recovery time lets you brew up to four filter coffees in one minute, so you’ll have no problem serving guests. Also within the machine are two¬† professional grinders (one for coffee, one for espresso). For great tasting espresso, the grinder is just as important as the machine. There’s also a milk frother, of course, and the machine cleans itself with a nice flush of water after every use.

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topbrewer office

I see the TopBrewer as the perfect automatic coffee maker for offices, restaurants, retail spaces and high-end kitchens. The machine is certainly an alternative to budget espresso machines like the Saeco Vienna Plus. It can be built into any surface and the compartmentalized design reduces noise. A bigger version that doles out other beverages is available. There’s no word yet on pricing or availability, but it’s quite clear this machine isn’t for the budget-minded.


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  1. I am currently building a new home. Constrction should be finished by July, 2013 and I would like to know if the TopBrewer will be available in the US in the near future so that I can plan for it before I move in..

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