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We’ve talked before about the health benefits of coffee. Today we thought we would wander out of the kitchen and over to the spa to talk about the beauty benefits of coffee. Considering how many seriously expensive beauty products make good use of the beneficial effects of caffeine, we are recommending a more budget-friendly, DIY approach to making yourself more beautiful with coffee.

Coffee Exfoliating Scrubs

Ground coffee is one of the finest exfoliants we know. It’s right up there with brown sugar, and that duo is the basis for our favorite DIY scrub: Mix equal parts coffee grounds and brown sugar. Add enough olive oil to make the mixture match your personal scrub texture preferences. To up the luxe factor, add a dash of Argan oil.

Scrub gently. It’s easy to overdo exfoliation, but go easy on your skin. A little gentle scrubbing in a circular motion will suffice.

Discovery Health listed coffee as #2 on their list of Top Ten Natural Exfoliants. Mix up your own coffee scrub combo by combining coffee with other exfoliants on their list. Next on our list to try – coffee and oatmeal.

For another source of inspiration, consider adding some of the more exotic oils featured in this Hawaiian-inspired scrub recipe.


Coffee Cellulite Scrubs

washcloth bathsponge and loofah

In addition to being known for its exfoliating properties, coffee is a key ingredient in most topical cellulite treatments. In a review of the effectiveness of DIY beauty treatments, Dr. Oz gave coffee scrubs his “True beauty!” seal of approval, stating: “Caffeine can enhance fat metabolism, especially right beneath the skin. It’s easily absorbed when applied directly on the skin. It’s also a diuretic, so it gets some of the fluid out of the fat beneath your skin so that cellulite is less visible.”

Keep in mind, topical treatments are a temporary fix. You have to use them regularly to maintain those results, which is yet another reason to go with a homemade and budget-friendly scrub. We recommend trying this Lucky Magazine DIY scrub.

For exfoliating, used grounds will suffice. If you are scrubbing with the goal of reducing the appearance of cellulite, use fresh coffee grounds, as used grounds will be largely depleted of their beneficial caffeine content.

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Coffee Facial Masks

Coffee exfoliating scrubs can be a bit intense for use on the face. We recommended using very finely ground coffee for any facial scrub recipe.

You can also harness the astringent and antioxidant effects of coffee by going with a facial mask. Mix finely ground coffee with yogurt and a little honey for a simple mask. If you enjoy your coffee with a shot of chocolate (also known for its beneficial beauty effects), try this “Mocha-Frappuccino” mask (Coffee, Cocoa Powder, and Honey Facial Mask).


Coffee and Your Hair


This tip comes straight from my grandmother, although it too is endorsed by Dr. Oz – this man is everywhere!

Brunettes can get a serious color and shine boost by adding a little espresso to their conditioner. You can also use grounds, but it’s quite a bit messier in the shower. I prefer the liquid approach for its ease of application and cleanup.

Photo Credit: josemanuelerre via cc

One note of caution: Caffeine is quite easily absorbed through skin. Keep this in mind if you are using fresh grounds or liquid coffee as part of a beauty treatment, and remember to keep your intake within recommended levels.


Are you mixing caffeine in your beauty routine? Share your DIY recipes with us in the comments below!


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