Here are some favorites from the Coffee Krave staff. Contact us to submit your site for consideration.


Smelling the Coffee

A unique look at coffee and coffee shops from a barista-researcher duo.


Coffee Curmudgeon

A look at coffee and the coffee industry from a man who tells it like it is.

Coffee Crew

Canada’s premier coffee resource. Honest and in-depth reviews on anything and everything coffee. 


Dear Coffee, I Love You

“DCILY believes in promoting and supporting the highest quality coffees, the most innovative design, and the creativity that coffee continually inspires in people—while encouraging fans to never lose appreciation for the farmers and their families.” Check their witty prints, too.



Whatever coffee-related gossip is out there, Sprudge has the scoop. And we’re not talking a scoop of stale old Folgers– the latest and greatest information about what’s going on in the coffee industry.


Tasty, Beautiful, Fun!

A personal food blog featuring tasty recipes for various treats and drinks (including coffee!).


Caffeine and You

Kate’s homely website gives you the low-down on coffee without pretension. Definitely worth checking out! 



From Seoul to Stockholm FRSHGRND is your connection to the global coffee scene.


The Coffee Adventures

Is there a coffee Jamie hasn’t tried? This is a great site for reviews of coffee from specialty roasters.


James Hayes-Bohanan, PhD– The Coffee Maven

His Geography of Coffee is well worth reading.


Cafe Kultur Berlin

Comprehensive guide to Berlin’s cafes in English.


Seven Bridges Cooperative

The world’s only cooperatively owned, certified organic home brew supply store. Organic coffee brings us one step closer to a cleaner, healthier planet.


Caffeinated Veins

A coffee blog from a true coffee fanatic.


Eat Me. Drink Me.

Connect with your food. This food blog covers both the emotional and culinary aspects of food.


Coffee Troupe

All about coffee roasting technology, specifically roasting techniques and software, from Rich Helms.

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