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Latte Art in Pictures

I’m always impressed by the latte art I see on coffee drinks. With my stick figure doodling skills, I know I’d never be able to draw a picture in the foam of a latte, so I just sit around admiring anyone with this skill. Here are a bunch of cool coffee art images we found.



latte art

Photo: Chris Blakely

As Halloween approaches, we may be seeing more ghoulish faces in our pumpkin spice lattes.


latte art

Photo by: pjf@cpan

This chili chocolate latte sounds strange but the latte art is so vibrant!


latte art

Photo: nicely85

That latte art is probably supposed to be a heart, but I think it looks kind of like a turnip. If it were a beet, I’m sure Dwight Schrute would love it.


latte art

Photo: itselea

Nothing like a cup of coffee in your coffee to wake you up in the morning.
latte art

Photo: mloge

Animals in latte art are adorable!


latte art

Photo: Espresso Hobbyist

This intricate coffee art design looks like it took awhile to create.


latte art

Photo: Chris Blakeley

Funny faces in your coffee art can brighten your day.


latte art

Photo by: SweetOnVeg

Instead of a drawing, you can have letters and messages in your latte.


latte art

Photo: Chris Blakeley

Personally, I wouldn’t mind finding this insect in my coffee.


latte art

Photo: 4-6

A collection of great coffee art.


If you have seen any coffee art that’s impressive, feel free to send us a photo or link!


  1. Nice latte’s, and nice site!
    We have a Latte art group here –
    Didnt know this even existed until recently

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