When we are in need of occupying a spare minute (or hour . . . or two), we like to search for coffee-related projects on Kickstarter. The atmosphere of creativity and indie innovation makes browsing Kickstarter project descriptions feel like you have a front row seat to an ultra-exclusive think tank.

Not yet familiar with the genius that is Kickstarter? It’s a crowd-funding platform for creative projects, and you can learn more about it here.


So, what coffee projects are trending?

The Medium Espro Press: We haven’t been shy about our love for the large Espro Press. Back on Kickstarter by popular demand, this redesign project (for a press capacity of 12 to 18 ounces of coffee) has already exceeded its funding goal and is set to launch April 27th.

Nomad (The Go Everywhere Espresso Machine): Hand operated . . . no batteries, electricity, or pressurized gas cartridges. Forbes likes it, and the prototype videos look promising. As of this writing, the project is just shy of reaching 50% of its ambitious funding goal, with the clocking ticking towards the April 10th deadline.

Buzz Coffee (Optimized for Space): This seems like a natural pairing with the Nomad . . . a go everywhere espresso machine and coffee designed for space and beyond. Buzz described their product as: “Single-origin coffees, pressure extracted to lock in aroma and flavor, and packaged for enjoyment in outer space — or any space.” The project is currently far, far short of their funding goal. Fingers crossed they will find new backers push them to infinity and beyond before May 1st.


Public Coffee: This mobile coffee shop has its sights set on roaming the streets of Denver, Colorado. Our trend prediction – more mobile projects on the coffee horizon in every city, in every nation (from Lake Geneva to the Finland station). (Can you tell I have paired Pet Shop Boys with Coffitivity this morning?) This particular project needs more love before its April 1st deadline.

Impress Coffee Brewer: Bon Appetite reports, “We’re into it.” The list of the media coverage they’ve garnered indicates that the press are impressed with this press. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) This project has been funded and is closed, but we are keeping our eye out for the product launch.

What coffee projects do you want to see on the Kickstarter platform? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!