milk frothing pitcher

You may not be a professional, but every home barista should have at least one frothing pitcher handy.These stainless steel containers are a necessity for using the steam wand on your espresso machine to froth milk. Whether you’re making a latte, cappuccino or any other milk-based drink, it all starts with frothing. This process adds air to the milk and accentuates the drink’s flavor.

Frothing pitchers come in two forms: one with a handle adjacent to the pitcher and another with a handle that juts outward like a pan. The former are by far the most common and the easiest to use.

For a typical home espresso machine (like the Bugatti Diva) with a small amount of steam power, a 20 oz is enough to froth milk for two. Adjust upward or downward depending on how many people you’re serving. Considering how inexpensive stainless steel frothing pitchers are, my recommendation is to have two or three around. A small one for light jobs and a medium milk frothing pitcher for multiple people at the very least. You might be surprised how little milk you need for some drinks.

frothing pitcher

Of course, you also want to make sure the pitcher you buy fits the machine. Some home machines may not have enough clearance for large milk frothing pitchers. Other than that, almost any frothing pitcher should get the job done. You can also froth milk without a steam wand using gadgets like the Bodum Shin or Aerolatte.

You can find pitchers online, at any cooking store or maybe even at a second-hand shop. You can wash them by-hand or use the dishwasher. One good accessory to have is a dial thermometer specifically designed for pitchers. These temperature readers sit on the rim of a pitcher for convenience and make it easy to determine if your milk is the proper temperature.

Main Photo: Kevin Jaako
Content Photo: David Hart