cafe solo coffee makerThe Cafe Solo from designer kitchenware maker Eva Solo is functional aesthetic in a small package. Like the Scanomat TopBrewer, the Danish-designed Cafe Solo leaves nothing to be desired in the style department.

Brewing with the Solo is an experience into the essence of coffee. Add ground coffee, boiling water, stir, wait several minutes and pour through the mesh cone filter on top. The neoprene jacket keeps the joe warm while you wait.

cafe solo

You control the brew process, so it’s important to use the right grind and brew time with this coffee maker. In contrast to drip makers, this total immersion brewing method provides a much richer and more concentrated cup. Brewing too long could produce a cup that is too bitter and acidic. Make sure the grind isn’t too fine, or you could end up with sludge in your mug.

Cleaning is easy– just rinse it out. You will of course want to keep your Cafe Solo spotless since it’s such a great display piece.

cafe solo eva solo

Cafe Solo: Price and Availability

The Eva Solo Cafe Solo comes in three sizes: 0.6 l, 1.0 l and 1.4 1. Starting at around $80, it’s just as much an investment in aesthetics as good coffee. Outside of those high-end snooty cooking stores, it’s only available online. You might also look into the matching Eva Solo Thermo cups, which run for 35 EUR on the Eva Solo website.

What’s stopping me from buying one? Cats and travel. Readers on a budget may want to consider a French press instead. While the Cafe Solo certainly makes great coffee, it’s by no means the only path to attaining coffee Nirvana. As with any full immersion brewer, coffee drinkers with sensitive stomachs should opt for something that extracts less acid.