Cooking with Coffee: The Best Recipes, Part 2


We had so much fun posting our roundup of savory coffee recipes last year, we knew we had to come back for Round 2.

As previously noted, coffee adds depth of flavor and richness, while promoting caramelization. Think warm, deep, earthy flavors, with just the right amount of bitter. (In the right hands, a little bitter can be a very good thing.)


Here are five savory coffee recipes that caught our eye:

Besides a cup of coffee, my favorite thing to see on a breakfast table is red-eye gravy!

This Texas pulled pork recipe has me paraphrasing Lyle Lovett: That’s right, I’m not from Texas. But Texas wants me anyway.

Edible Marin magazine pairs this coffee vinaigrette recipe with a quail salad, but I love it best over steak salad with shavings of an aged Parmigiano-Reggiano.

My current sandwich condiment obsession: coffee shallot jam.

Coffee pairs extremely well with the gaminess of lamb. This recipe for Pan Seared Lamb with Savory Sauce won the gold medal in the Sixth World Championship of Chinese Cuisine.

This recipe uses braised chicken as a palette to showcase the flavors of coffee paired with cherry and fennel.

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