15 Amazing Coffee Wallpapers for Your Desktop

The best part of waking up certainly isn’t Folgers in your cup, or any type of coffee in your cup for that matter. Here’s a list of 15 amazing coffee wallpapers worth waking up to for your morning email check. A beautiful desktop is certainly an inspiration for me.

Have a wallpaper to add? Feel free to chime in with your own.


1. Colorful Coffee

This coffee wallpaper will definitely add color to your desktop.


2. Coffee and Cookies

coffee and cookies
Looks pretty tasty. I love the execution of this composition.


3. Coffee Serendipity

coffee wallpapers
This coffee desktop backround is pure bliss.  You can download the full size version at The Paper Wall. This wallpaper really makes me want to brew another cup with my French press.


4. Moka Owl

coffee background
He’s cute and he’s made of coffee. Get this little guy here.


5. Coffee and a Smoke

Coffee and a Smoke
Some things are better in pairs. Download this beautiful coffee desktop background here.


6. Loving Coffee

wallpaper coffee
Keep the lace and give me the coffee.


7. Cafe in Fall

cafe desktop background
Another beautiful cafe desktop background.


8. Crowded Table

coffee wallpaper
I love the great use of contrast in this black and white wallpaper. Download here.


9. Day at the Cafe

cafe wallpaper
There’s nothing better than an afternoon at your favorite cafe. Download this cafe wallpaper here.


10. “Joe” by Avatarpalin

coffee desktop background
This black and white coffee wallpaper at Interfacelift adds a subtle jolt to your desktop.


11. Late Night Coffee

late night coffee
A coffee desktop wallpaper from Desktop Nexus sure to provide some late-night inspiration.


12. Nespresso City

nespresso desktop background
This is actually from a Nespresso advertising campaign, but you can download it as a desktop wallpaper.


13. Good Morning

coffee desktop wallpaper
Simple isn’t always so bad.


14. Coffee Camera

coffee background
Maybe this is more of a photography wallpaper than a coffee desktop wallpaper, but old cameras and java go well together.


15. Coffee Butterfly Coffee Wallpaper

coffee wallpaper
This coffee wallpaper may not be real, but it’s definitely beautiful. You can download it at DeviantArt.

Note: I tried to find the original source of each coffee desktop wallpaper, but was not able to for several wallpapers. If you know the original source of a desktop background, please contact Coffee Krave so I can give credit where credit is due.

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