Monthly Coffee Subscription Programs: Our Picks


With the majority of our daily communications happening online, it can get a little lonely in your mailbox. If there is room in your budget, consider signing up for a coffee subscription. It’s the best cure we know for coffee lovers who are channeling their inner Charlie Brown while peering into an empty mailbox.

It’s also the best way to sample small batch beans from the top indie cult roasters.

A few of our favorite subscription options:

1. Tonx


The word on the street: “Tony is obsessed with coffee like a record store nerd is with vinyl . . . Me, I trust the guy’s taste. I just want really good coffee. Send me the beans.” Xeni Jardin, Boing Boing

The details: $38 per month for the standard deal. 12 oz bag shipped fresh every other week. (Averages out to $19 per bag). (Half sacks also available.) The FAQ page answers everything up to and including: “Can I have a pony?”

Link: Tonx

Photo: Scott Beale / Laughing Squid

2. Counter Culture Coffee


Word on the street: Featured as a top pick by both Oprah and CoffeeGeek. As if those A-list endorsements aren’t enough, Counter Culture’s training laboratory was also a stop on Jeffrey Steingarten’s quest for a perfect cup.

The details: The single-origin subscription features one 12 oz bag each of two different seasonal, fresh-roasted coffees for three or six months. (Two bags total every four weeks.) $21.65 per shipment for the 3-month program; $20.65 ($6 total savings) for the 6-month program. (Farmhouse subscriptions also available.)

Link: Counter Culture Coffee

3. Verve Coffee Roasters


Word on the street: The streets in question are the ones I walk down every day here in Santa Cruz, California! If you aren’t lucky enough to be a local, you can feel like one by reading Verve’s profile in Edible Monterey Bay.

The details: This program is all about choices, with each of the ten subscription options available in several sizes, accompanied with a high level of documentation (Producer; Processing Method; Region; Cultivar; Elevation; Tasting Notes; Cup Characteristics and Sourcing Information).

Link: Verve Coffee Roasters

4. Intelligentsia Coffee


The word on the street: “Low-key Intelligentsia is one of the most respected coffee roasters in the country.” Food and Wine Magazine

The details: Complete and total flexibility, or as they put it: “What you want. The way you want it. When you want it.” Select your coffee, grind (whole bean being the way to go here), size, quantity, order interval and day to ship. Order at least two 12 oz bags and you receive 50% off shipping on all your future subscription orders.

Link: Intelligentsia Coffee

5. Craft Coffee


The word on the street: Think of Craft as your personal coffee concierge. Craft sources from indie roasters around the country to make a curated “artisanal greatest hits package.”

The details:  Each tasting box includes 4 oz from each of 3 different roasters. Plans include annual ($19.99/month), six-month ($22.99/month) and monthly ($24.99/month) subscriptions.

Link: Craft Coffee

Bonus Pick

Not quite ready to subscribe, but still in the mood for a surprise? Try a Roaster’s Choice bag from Handsome Coffee.

Do beans appear like magic in your mailbox? Share your favorite subscriptions with us in the comments below!


Robyn is a freelance writer, editor and a serious foodie. A native of Seattle, she has found a new home in Northern California where she splits her time about equally between hiking in the redwoods and typing in local coffee shops. In addition to writing for CoffeeKrave, Robyn is currently working on a project to produce a short animated documentary—"Clipped and Tucked"—about her adventures in cooking recipes from antique cookbooks.

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