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Well, it’s Monday morning again, which means you’re probably sipping on a cup of coffee right now. Of course, coffee isn’t only for getting you through a boring morning. Coffee cocktails can be great to serve at any classy late night gathering.

Here are some basic recipes for coffee cocktails that’ll add more flavor to your next party.


1. Spanish Coffee

coffee cocktails

Photo by: Ron Dollete

To make this coffee cocktail, you’ll need to mix together:

1oz. Coffee liqueur

1oz. Brandy

3/4 cup of coffee

Add some whipped cream to the top of the cup for sweetness. Sprinkle over some cinnamon if you please.

2. Mochatini

coffee cocktails

Photo by: Newbirth35

To make this chocolaty coffee cocktail, you’ll first need to rim the martini glass with milk or white chocolate. Dark chocolate works too, but milk and white chocolate are better if you prefer sweetness. In a shaker or separate glass, mix together:

1oz. coffee liqueur

1oz. vanilla vodka

1oz. chocolate liqueur

Pour these ingredients into the martini glass and enjoy.

3. White Russian

coffee cocktails

Photo by: ReeseCLloyd

To make a White Russian, one of the most classic coffee cocktails, you’ll need to mix the following ingredients into a mixing glass:
2oz. vodka

1oz. coffee liqueur

1oz. Khalua

Pour these ingredients in a glass over ice and add half a cup of cream. If you’d prefer a Black Russian, forgo the cream.

4. Cafe Royal

coffee cocktails

Photo by: SBPR

This coffee cocktail can be made with a full cup of hot coffee that has sugar to taste.

Add 2 teaspoons of your favorite brandy, stir, and top with heavy cream.

5.  Irish Coffee

coffee cocktails

Photo by: insidious_plots

This is another one of those classic coffee cocktails. To make Irish Coffee, you’ll need to mix:

1/2 cup of hot coffee

2oz. Irish whiskey

1 tablepoon of brown sugar

(also 1oz. of Baileys Irish Creme is a classic addition to this drink)

Top with whipped heavy cream and enjoy on a cold day.

6. Espresso Martini

coffee cocktails

Photo by: shutterbean


To make an espresso martini, mix together the following ingredients in a shaker:

3oz. cold espresso

1oz. of Khalua

1oz. of espresso vodka

1oz. of vanilla vodka

1oz. creme de cacao

Pour into a martini glass and drink up!


If you have any other recipes for coffee cocktails, please let us know!


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