Coffee and Dogs: A Tribute

A few readers objected when Coffee Krave posted Coffee and Cats: A Tribute last April. Sure, cats might be ok, but what about dogs? I suppose you can’t enjoy man’s favorite drink without man’s best friend. By special request, here’s a tribute to coffee and dogs.

1. A Balancing Act


Photo: SuperFantastic

2. Coffee in the Dog Park

Photo: Max / MDgoesMAD

3. Just Hanging Out

Photo: Sam Fam

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4. Kaffee mit Hund

Photo: Coffee Circle

5. Say No to Folgers


Photo: Wolves68450

6. Drink Up!

Photo: Aaron Tubbs

7. Coffee Break

scottish-terrier-drinking-coffee Photo: Christine Sawyer

8. I’ll Take the Venti

Photo: Nickolay Khazanov

9. Best Friends


Photo: The Michael

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