chemex coffee

The Chemex coffee maker looks like it belongs in a laboratory, but it most likely deserves a place in your kitchen. Devotees claim Chemex coffee is some of the best out there. The makers of Chemex focused solely on the chemical process of coffee brewing in designing this coffee maker, which is pretty evident in its name. If you’re looking for the taste and consistency of  drip coffee without the grossness of automatic drip brew, read on.

Even if you failed high school chemistry, you can still make Chemex coffee. The hourglass-shaped coffee maker has two chambers: one on top for the grounds and one on the bottom for the finished product. Just add a Chemex filter, add the grounds and add hot water. Note that the Chemex filters are unbleached, meaning they won’t leave an aftertaste in your coffee.

The Chemex’s heat-resistant glass won’t absorb odor, either. At CoffeeKrave we think this is especially important. Even the finest quality plastic absorbs odor, even after repeated washing. This plus the special paper filters allow the Chemex to produce some of the purest coffee brews out there. Like the AeroPress, there really is nothing to break.  Note that since the Chemex is made of glass, it won’t survive any drops. This is not a good coffee maker for road trips.

The various Chemex models range in size from 3 cups to 8 cups. You can put extra coffee in the fridge and reheat it later. Nearly all Chemex owners praise the gadget– search the Web and you’ll be hard-pressed to find any complaints. Rather than make things more complicated, the Chemex simplifies coffee brewing greatly. Who would think that such a simple device could product five-star coffee? You won’t find an automatic drip brewer that makes better coffee.

Finally, the Chemex is also like the AeroPress in that it gives you a lot more control  over the finished product. You control the amount of coffee you put in, the water and the fineness of the grind. Thus brewing with the Chemex requires a bit more trial and error. But you won’t be graded on the results, right?

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