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The IngenuiTEA teapot from Adagio Teas has one of the best taglines in the history of product demonstration videos. Via VAT19: “Quit teabagging, and step up to the big leaves.” Read More...

Coffee and Tea: How Can You Choose?

coffee and tea

Nearly everyone in my family needs to have a cup of Assam tea at exactly 4 in the afternoon. As an Indian living in the US, I’m fortunate enough to know two types of people: those who need coffee to function, and those who need tea. Few people identify as daily consumers of both coffee and tea but I don’t think many of us made a deliberate choice to prefer one over the other. So how do you choose between drinking a cup of coffee vs tea? Or both coffee and tea? Aside from figuring out what flavors you prefer, you can also figure out what you want out of your drink. Read More...

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