Monthly Coffee Subscription Programs: Our Picks


With the majority of our daily communications happening online, it can get a little lonely in your mailbox. If there is room in your budget, consider signing up for a coffee subscription. It’s the best cure we know for coffee lovers who are channeling their inner Charlie Brown while peering into an empty mailbox. It’s also the best way to sample small batch beans from the top indie cult roasters. A few of our favorite subscription options: 1. Tonx

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Coffee and Cats: A Tribute


The best part of waking up is Folgers feline in my cup (I’d take cat hair over Folgers any day). These desk creatures have a knack for sitting on our keywords, tearing up toilet paper and yes, getting into our morning coffee. Yet what would we do without these lifelong companions? Here’s to coffee and cats. 1. I can’t make coffee until he moves! Photo: Thomas Cizauskas 2. This one gets away with everything Photo: Peter Clark 3. Just

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Do Coffee Shops Make You More Creative?


Does the ambiance of a coffee-shop put you in a creative mood? If so, you are experiencing the positive benefits of ambient noise induced processing disfluency. (I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to drop that phrase into dinner party conversation . . . ) Researchers hypothesize that being moderately distracted pushes you to a higher construct level, resulting in more abstract and creative thinking. Low levels of noise don’t create the same effect, and with higher

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Cooking with Coffee: The Best Recipes, Part 2


We had so much fun posting our roundup of savory coffee recipes last year, we knew we had to come back for Round 2. As previously noted, coffee adds depth of flavor and richness, while promoting caramelization. Think warm, deep, earthy flavors, with just the right amount of bitter. (In the right hands, a little bitter can be a very good thing.)   Here are five savory coffee recipes that caught our eye: Besides a cup of coffee, my

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Top Ten Coffee Infographics

coffee facts

To brighten up your Monday, we offer this list of a few (ten, to be precise) of our favorite coffee infographics. Have a favorite you don’t see here? Send us a link in the comments below! 1. The Compendious Coffee Chart – detailing 22 (!) different coffee production methods.   2. Social Media Explained…With Coffee – coffee as a vehicle for explaining the differences between social media platforms.  3.The Medical Benefits of Being Addicted to Coffee – We love the design.

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An Introduction to Coffee Tasting

coffee cupping event

“I’m a firm believer that understanding is developed through the act of comparison.” —Geoff Watts, Director of Coffee, Intelligenstia Coffee Coffee tasting—what is it and how does it work? As with other types of food and drink tastings, the objective of a coffee tasting is to compare the qualities of different samples of the product in question. As part of an ongoing process, coffee tastings allow the taster to build a mental Rolodex of flavors and aromas to facilitate future comparisons.

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How to Roast Coffee at Home: A Primer

green coffee beans

Back in August, we presented piece on Zen and the art of home coffee roasting, which included an overview of the process and links to the best of the tutorials around the web. We wanted to re-visit the topic, with a more in-depth look at getting started. Here we answer the three primary questions presented to us by newbie roasters: What equipment do I need? Where do I buy green beans? Where do I turn for help/guidance/therapy when I

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Finding the Perfect Coffee Shop


How do you find “that place” in a new city — that perfect coffee shop that meets your particular needs as a coffee loving individual? However specific your preferences, we have an approach that we believe will land you in that sweet spot, a formula we have tested in some pretty far flung places. We also have some folklore to share that might, or might not, help you to hone in on the target. Tested Methodology for Finding the

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Web Picks of the Week

woman drinking coffee

October and the first days of fall are finally here. Cold rainy mornings are always the best for a cup of fresh coffee.   1.Check out Whole Latte Love’s new YouTube stream. Here you can see a number of espresso machines in action,discover the different types and learn more about espresso machine maintenance.   2. International Delight is giving away free tumblers, according to Coffee Stylish. Also check out their post about coffee in Arabia.   3. In the

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Latte Art in Pictures

latte art

I’m always impressed by the latte art I see on coffee drinks. With my stick figure doodling skills, I know I’d never be able to draw a picture in the foam of a latte, so I just sit around admiring anyone with this skill. Here are a bunch of cool coffee art images we found.     Photo: Chris Blakely As Halloween approaches, we may be seeing more ghoulish faces in our pumpkin spice lattes.   Photo by: [email protected] This

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