The Top Coffee Tourism Destinations Jul18

The Top Coffee Tourism Destinations

If you haven't make your summer travel plans yet, it's time to get cracking. Ditch the Blackberry, find someone to take care of the kids and check out our list of the best coffee travel destinations. It's time to see the world!

20 Famous Coffee Quotes Jun16

20 Famous Coffee Quotes

Last summer, Robyn posted some of our favorite coffee quotes from around the web. Forget the thoughts of the common folk! What do famous figures think about coffee? As the 20 quotes below attest, they have nothing but good things to say about this truly remarkable drink.

The Science of Coffee: An Essential Guide to the U...

It's time to separate myth from fact. Coffee is more than a dose of caffeine. This wonderdrug also supplies a wide array of antioxidants and even a few vitamins and minerals that make coffee perhaps the most affordable and effective health serum on the market.

Coffee Krave’s Guide to Milk Alternatives Jun07

Coffee Krave’s Guide to Milk Alternatives

Today’s topic: milk alternatives, the synonyms of which (milk substitutes; non-dairy milks; plant milks; plant-based milks) are almost as numerous as the varieties of the species: soy milk, almond milk, hazelnut milk, oat milk, hemp milk, sunflower seed milk, cashew milk, peanut milk, coconut milk . . . (The official label on the CoffeeKrave research file for this article reads: “un-milks.”) We considered conducting a taste-test of popular brands of milk-alternatives and writing up a review, with our own coffee-specific take on the subject. We were inspired by the various methodologies presented in other taste tests, which included...

The Beauty of Red Coffee Makers

Red is the color of energy and emotion, so isn't it only natural that you brew with a red coffee maker? These bright red Ferrari machines add a centerpiece to your kitchen and let everyone know coffee is the boss of your household. Check out these beautiful red coffee makers for a change from the standard of white, black and stainless steel appliances of Suburbia.

Coffee and Dogs: A Tribute Jun04

Coffee and Dogs: A Tribute

A few readers objected when Coffee Krave posted Coffee and Cats: A Tribute last April. Sure, cats might be ok, but what about dogs? I suppose you can’t enjoy man’s favorite drink without man’s best friend. By special request, here’s a tribute to coffee and dogs. 1. A Balancing Act Photo: SuperFantastic 2. Coffee in the Dog Park Photo: Max / MDgoesMAD 3. Just Hanging Out Photo: Sam Fam Related: How to Choose the Best Coffee Maker- The right coffee maker can make or break your java experience, with or without a cute puppy getting in the way. Find out our top picks for the best drip coffee machines. 4. Kaffee mit...