Choosing the Best Coffee Grinder: The Ultimate Guide


The old adage of “value in, value out,” applies more so to coffee than most other aspects of life. You’re doing yourself no favors with that cheap electric  grinder you picked up on sale last year. There’s an unofficial rule that for every dollar you spend on an espresso machine, half that should go toward a coffee grinder. The best grinders put out a consistent grind across the very fine to coarse spectrum. Combined with freshly roasted beans, the end

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Caffeinated at 30,000 Feet: Is It Possible to Make Your Own Coffee on an Airplane?


My philosophy toward airline coffee has always been, “Take what you can get and make the best of it.” Certainly the flight attendant would prefer I sit down, shut up and accept her meager brew. But it hit me– why can’t I make my own on the plane? Is it even possible? We set out to find the answer. Caffeinated at 30,000 Feet: Mile High Brewing Setups The constraints of a typical economy cabin don’t leave many options open. High-flying brewers

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How I fell in love with the Chemex

Pouring with a Chemex

It was a quiet Wednesday in Houston when I ventured to a small coffee shop in the Montrose area near my workplace. The barista asked if I was in a hurry, to which I replied, “Not at all!” – And I am so glad I wasn’t. He shot me a smile as he introduced me to the wonders of the a new coffee maker. It was a strange brewer that resembled a flower pot. He meticulously went through the

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The Top 10 Coffee Makers: Unplugged


We have been in a list making mode recently at CoffeeKrave. To continue the trend, we present out Top Ten Coffee Makers. From the Espro Press to the Cona Vacuum Brewer . . . here are our takes on the top gear to grace your countertops. Authors Note: When Daniel, Editor and Chief here at CoffeeKrave, assigned me this article, I broke out in a cold sweat. Any “top ten” list is going to be subjective by nature, but

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Moka Pots: The Stovetop “Espresso” Makers

moka pot

The topic du jour at CoffeeKrave this morning: Moka pots. More specifically, who loves them, who hates them and do they really make espresso? (Given the subject at hand, perhaps I should say Moka pots are the topic del giorno at CoffeeKrave this morning.) As for me and my house, I have never been especially fond of the Moka pot. I do have grudging respect for them. Having been challenged with this assignment, I believe I can maintain a

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Commercial Coffee Makers: Just What Does My Workplace Need?

office coffee maker

If you count yourself among those wishing for better coffee in the office, we remind you (in the words of Star Trek Captain Jean Luc Picard): “Wishing for something does not make it so.” Instead of accepting the acrid taste of liquid cinder (associated with the “burner effect”), we urge you to question the dominant office coffee paradigm. Be an active advocate for better brew. “Half (50%) of the American workforce buys coffee regularly at work, spending more than

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The Caféjo My French Press: Blasphemy by the K-Cup


  Ever come across a product and say, “Huh? Why would anyone want that?” That was exactly my reaction when I came across the Cafejo My French Press on The product’s creator touts that it’s the only French press on the market specifically designed to brew K-cups. That’s right– the only one. Last week I touched on the problems with K-cup coffee, namely the high price and low quality of the capsules. Keurig owners in-the-know buy K-cups because

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Tips for Making the Most of Your EkoBrew or Refillable K-Cup


The EkoBrew is a hot item this holiday season. Refillable K-cups are the only way out of the Keurig sink hole, which gets deeper and deeper as you spend increasing amounts of money on stale K-cups. The Ekobrew or similar K-cup won’t turn your Keurig into a five-star coffee maker overnight, but when used properly it’s one hell of an improvement. Follow our tips for better coffee with the Ekobrew and other refillable K-cups. 1. Grind your coffee fresh

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Starbucks Verismo: The Coffee Giant is Now in the Single Serve Market

Starbucks Verismo

  Starbucks recently announced that they’re entering the single serve market with a coffee maker called the Verismo. The single serve coffee makers will be up for sale on for $199. It seems strange for one of the most popular coffee giants to enter the single serve coffee market. Howard Schultz, the Starbucks chairman, president and CEO said in the official news release: “For more than 41 years, we have been committed to bringing exceptional coffee and espresso

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