capresso infinity

It takes just the right grind to get the best-tasting coffee, so a top-notch grinder is key. Although I don’t agree with Capresso’s claim that this conical burr grinder is “commercial-grade,” it has more than enough power for the home barista.The 8.5-ounce capacity and 16 grind settings will never leave you wanting. The sub-$100 price point is especially easy to digest– the Capresso Infinity conical burr grinder is a superb value for the money.


Why a Conical Burr Grinder?

conical burr grinderThe advantage of burr grinders is they provide a consistent grind without using too much abrasive force (more on that here). Excessive friction heats the ground too much, but conical burr grinders like the Capresso Infinity preserve maximum flavor by grinding more gently. This also makes the Infinity less noisy, so you can grind away and still hold a conversation. Speaking of which, this grinder has a built-in timer– so you can also grind away and walk away.

As far as design and ease of use are concerned, you couldn’t ask for something better. The bin on top is easy to load and the machine is overall easy to clean. However, you have to measure the coffee yourself. More advanced competitors like the Breville Smart Grinder take care of measurement for you. But hey, for $100 who’s complaining?


More on the Capresso Infinity

The Capresso Infinity is available in black, silver and a brilliant stainless steel / chrome. The latter will cost you a few extra Benjamins, which could be well worth it to match the rest of your kitchen. I personally just don’t like the look of plastic, even the high-end plastic of the black and silver models. This burr grinder manages to pull off plastic and still look classy, though.

A grinder is something you just shouldn’t skimp on– budget models provide inconsistent results you can taste. Less expensive blade grinders are notorious for their sloppy results. Keep in mind that the cost of a high-end grinder can easily reach the mid-hundreds. The Capresso Infinity provides great results at a much lower price– it’s definitely the conical burr grinder of choice for anyone on a budget.

capresso conical burr grinder