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Bodum Travel Press

The Bodum travel press will do more than its fair share to keep a place in your kitchen. This double-walled stainless steel travel mug has an integrated plunger for brewing coffee or tea. According to the directions, you can just add ground coffee or tea, mix in hot water and close the lid. After four minutes of brewing, just press down the plunger and you’re done.

The question is, where will you be in four minutes? On the subway? In your car? Sitting in the park? Wherever you are, we’ll look the other way when it’s time to “press down and enjoy.”

Like any Bodum product, the travel press is available in a rainbow of vibrant colors as well as the classic black and white. Although your coffee or tea won’t mix directly with your beverage, it’ll still be sitting there at the bottom of the mug and come into contact with your drink. This could lead to over-brewing. The fact that you’re carrying around your coffee plus the grounds in a steel container makes the Bodum travel press heavier than most travel mugs.

As an added bonus, the Bodum press comes with an extra lid. This is handy because the lids do need to be washed more often then the base (assuming you rinse it out promptly after every use) and carry more bacteria than the thermos. Keep the additional lid as a backup in case the original breaks, but switch the two out every day. The plastic lids can absorb the odor of whatever you’re drinking, making future sips pretty gross. Wash the lids regularly to avoid this.

All things considered, the Bodum travel coffee press is a great buy. You can buy it for around $30– a price any coffee exhibitionist can justify. This is more expensive than most travel  mugs, but keep in mind it also doubles as a French press. The two-in-one combo actually saves you money in the end.


  1. The concept is cool, but as you alluded to, the practice is short-sighted on Bodum’s part. Since it’s a travel mug it’s assumed you’ll “press and go”, but best brewing practices say “press and decant”. French press travel mugs will result an overextracted sludge—and I haven’t met anyone who enjoys the clean-up from a French press, let alone a sludgy mess in your travel mug.

  2. there are drops of coffee between the sides of my bodum (plexiglass) travwl mug. how do i fix this?

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