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If you’ve come to the realization that your morning cup of joe tastes like the byproduct of your last oil change, you’ve already taken a step toward learning how to make great coffee.

The difference between good and bad coffee is care– there is no single best way to make coffee.  The more care you put in, the more good you get out.  While coffee shops are in business to produce fine coffee, gas stations exist to put fuel in the tank.  The coffee is an afterthought of the gas station business.  Don’t be a gas station; put some thought into your brew!

Attention to detail is a great way to start improving the way you make coffee at home.  Start with the basics; check the freshness of your beans, read the instruction manual of your coffee maker, and make sure that the grind of your coffee is coarse or fine enough to properly suit the method by which you brew.   If you bought that can of coffee a year and a half ago, it’s probably time to donate those gristly grinds to the  garden; the existing dirt might already taste better if you ran it through your coffee machine.


How to Make Great Coffee

Once you’ve taken the step of putting a little more attention to detail into your morning batch, it’s time to get creative.  Instead of grabbing the family-size can of generic beans, opt for smaller quantities of different roasts and flavors.  Any coffee will grow stale if you drink it every day.  Introduce some variety and start writing down the blends that you take a liking to.

Your creativity doesn’t have to stop there.  You can think way outside the box by trying a new brewing process entirely.  Two popular, alternative home brewing methods include Turkish brewing and the French press method.  Turkish brewing requires an extremely fine grind, almost powder-like, and involves heating the water and grind together and allowing the grinds to settle in the cup before enjoying.  The French press method uses an inexpensive device and coarsely ground coffee to press the coffee through the hot water, extracting a very concentrated and nuanced flavor.  Both methods are enjoyable ways to refresh your perspective on your coffee.

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The Best Way to Brew Coffee

No matter what route you chose to take, the beginning of the road towards a better homemade coffee is care.  The minute you start to think about your coffee is the instant it improves.  Make coffee a highlight of your morning instead of a chore, you’ll be off to a great start.

Main photo: Jerry Bunkers

Content photo: Kate Hiscock