We usually search for a coffee maker that can brew the best coffee, but of course that doesn’t mean we’re limited to displaying coffee makers that look outdated. A gorgeous coffee maker can tie a room together, be a conversation piece, or even serve as a work of art.

We’ve scoured the Internet for the 10 most beautiful coffee makers and compiled a list:


The Peel UK Coffee Maker

beautiful coffee makers

These beautiful coffeemakers seem to be made out of liquid instead of stainless steel. The elegant rippled base of the Peel UK Coffee Maker complements the waterfall of coffee coming out from the machine and the blue LEDs add a soft glow.

Scanomat Topbrewer

beautiful coffee makers

The Scanomat Topbrewer has a simplistic and clean design even though it can do so much. The classic silver tap can dispense a variety of coffee drinks in seconds, which will surely awe anyone watching.


The Braun Aromaster KF 20

beautiful coffee makers

The Braun Aromaster KF 20 looks like something Rosie the Robot would use to make coffee for the Jetsons. This classic coffeemaker was designed in 1972 by Florian Seiffert and has a look that won’t go out of style.

Photo by ReneSpitz


The Yama Cold Drip Coffee Maker

beautiful coffee makers

This coffee maker will definitely be the center of attention in any setting. The Yama Cold Drip Coffee Maker, which towers over other models, is a conversation starter as well as a coffee and tea brewer.


The Eva Solo Cafe Solo

beautiful coffee makers

The Eva Solo Cafe Solo has a curved design that makes it different from other beautiful coffee makers. This gorgeous coffee maker looks like glassware from a chemistry set, but who would use it for something other than brewing delicious coffee?


The Linje

beautiful coffee makers

This incredible espresso machine is made out of pieces of Norwegian Poplar. This coffee maker combines the innovation of technology with the classic simplicity and elegance of nature.


The Mono Cafino Coffee Maker

beautiful coffee makers

If you’re having coffee outdoors, the Mono Cafino Coffee Maker looks fantastic sitting on the patio table. These beautiful coffee makers, designed by Tassilo von Grolman, are simple to use and transport.


The Kenwood CM024 kMix

beautiful coffee makers

This coffee maker has a boxy design that makes a bold statement. The Kenwood CM024 kMix is guaranteed to steel the spotlight from any other appliance sitting on your kitchen counter.


The Nescafe Creativa

beautiful coffee makers

The Nescafe Creativa has an eye-catching design that is perfect for a modern kitchen or office. The coffee maker comes in a vibrant red or sleek black.


The Francis Francis XI

beautiful coffee makers

This stainless steel coffee maker would look perfectly-placed in a diner. Its bold colors add more personality to an already interesting machine.


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