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Robyn is a freelance writer, editor and a serious foodie. A native of Seattle, she has found a new home in Northern California where she splits her time about equally between hiking in the redwoods and typing in local coffee shops. In addition to writing for CoffeeKrave, Robyn is currently working on a project to produce a short animated documentary—"Clipped and Tucked"—about her adventures in cooking recipes from antique cookbooks.

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Coffee Krave’s Guide to Milk Alternatives


Today’s topic: milk alternatives, the synonyms of which (milk substitutes; non-dairy milks; plant milks; plant-based milks) are almost as numerous as the varieties of the species: soy milk, almond milk, hazelnut milk, oat milk, hemp milk, sunflower seed milk, cashew milk, peanut milk, coconut milk . . . Read More...

Caffeinated at 30,000 Feet: Is It Possible to Make Your Own Coffee on an Airplane?


Mission Possible: How to Save a Laptop from a Coffee Spill

Your mission: Save your laptop from a coffee spill disaster. Read More...

The Top 10 Coffee Makers: Unplugged

We have been in a list making mode recently at CoffeeKrave. To continue the trend, we present out Top Ten Coffee Makers. From the Espro Press to the Cona Vacuum Brewer . . . here are our takes on the top gear to grace your countertops. Read More...

Going Blonde? The Trend Toward Light Roasts

For the past few years, talk surrounding the virtues of light roasts has been trending in the coffee community. Read More...

Monthly Coffee Subscription Programs: Our Picks

With the majority of our daily communications happening online, it can get a little lonely in your mailbox. If there is room in your budget, consider signing up for a coffee subscription. It’s the best cure we know for coffee lovers who are channeling their inner Charlie Brown while peering into an empty mailbox. Read More...

Making Yourself More Beautiful with Coffee


We’ve talked before about the health benefits of coffee. Today we thought we would wander out of the kitchen and over to the spa to talk about the beauty benefits of coffee. Considering how many seriously expensive beauty products make good use of the beneficial effects of caffeine, we are recommending a more budget-friendly, DIY approach to making yourself more beautiful with coffee. Read More...

The Top Kickstarter Coffee Projects

When we are in need of occupying a spare minute (or hour . . . or two), we like to search for coffee-related projects on Kickstarter. The atmosphere of creativity and indie innovation makes browsing Kickstarter project descriptions feel like you have a front row seat to an ultra-exclusive think tank. Read More...

Crisis in the Fields: Climate Change and Coffee Rust


It’s beginning to look like 2013 will go down in the history books as the coffee world’s annus horribilisRead More...

Do Coffee Shops Make You More Creative?


Does the ambiance of a coffee-shop put you in a creative mood? If so, you are experiencing the positive benefits of ambient noise induced processing disfluency. Read More...

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