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Keya is a freelance writer and NJ college student whose interests include reading, editing photos, and shouting at the TV. When she’s not writing for Coffee Krave, she’s working on writing screenplays for an animated webseries based on the “Chokeville” stories by Joshua Allen.

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Latte Art in Pictures

I’m always impressed by the latte art I see on coffee drinks. With my stick figure doodling skills, I know I’d never be able to draw a picture in the foam of a latte, so I just sit around admiring anyone with this skill. Here are a bunch of cool coffee art images we found. Read More...

Starbucks Verismo: The Coffee Giant is Now in the Single Serve Market

Starbucks Verismo


Tassimo vs Keurig

[box]

The Blender Bottle: Perfect for Drinks and Shakes

Blended drinks are so much fun to make and taste fantastic – that is, as long as the ingredients remain blended. If you’re a coffee drinker who is running around the workplace, you’ll often set your blended drink down on your desk and won’t have time to finish it until awhile later. Sometimes during this period of rest, ingredients with different densities rise up to the top of the drink, or settle themselves at the bottom of a glass. This makes every sip of your blended coffee drink taste different and like it’s been haphazardly put together. Read More...

Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe: Make a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Home

Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe

Cooler temperatures means that Fall is just around the corner and similar to how coffee ice cream got you through the summer, the quintessential drink to get you prepared for windy weather is a hot pumpkin spice latte. Read More...

How to Store Coffee Properly

storing coffee

Coffee tastes the best when it’s made from freshly roasted beans, but of course we can’t all go out to get a fresh batch of roasted coffee beans every morning. Here are some tips on how to store your coffee beans and keep their flavor fresh. Read More...

What is espresso?

what is espresso

When I was younger, I was so anxious about ordering coffee because I had no idea what words like latte and cappuccino meant. And what is espresso? Instead of ordering a coffee drink that looked too complicated to even think about brewing at home, I would just order a simple cup of black coffee. Even after looking up these coffee drinks online, I couldn’t remember what they were, and I especially had trouble understanding espressos. Read More...

Brew at Home with a Farberware Percolator

Farberware Percolator


10 of the Most Beautiful Coffee Makers

We usually search for a coffee maker that can brew the best coffee, but of course that doesn’t mean we’re limited to displaying coffee makers that look outdated. A gorgeous coffee maker can tie a room together, be a conversation piece, or even serve as a work of art. Read More...

Top 5 Mugs that Keep Coffee Hot

keep coffee hot


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