Coffee and Dogs: A Tribute


A few readers objected when Coffee Krave posted Coffee and Cats: A Tribute last April. Sure, cats might be ok, but what about dogs? I suppose you can’t enjoy man’s favorite drink without man’s best friend. By special request, here’s a tribute to coffee and dogs. 1. A Balancing Act Photo: SuperFantastic 2. Coffee in the Dog Park Photo: Max / MDgoesMAD 3. Just Hanging Out Photo: Sam Fam Related: How to Choose the Best Coffee Maker– The right

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Coffee Under Communism: A First-Hand Account from Poland


Coffee Krave reader and accomplished photographer Marek Lubacz got in touch with me last week and agreed to write a guest post about coffee in Poland under communism. It wasn’t until the formation of a new government in 1989 that Poland could begin to recover from communist rule. Today, the coffee culture is thriving, but Marek’s first-hand account of the state of coffee under communism made me realize how much I take freshly roasted beans for granted. You can see

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Announcing the Espro Press Giveaway

Espro Logo 3D - black background - small

Coffee Krave is excited to announce that we’re giving away not ONE Espro Press, but TWO Espro Press French press coffee makers. This no-grit press won our love back in August and is a top French press pick. We recently rated it number one in a list of the top Kickstarter coffee projects. Thanks to the team at Espro, we’re able to give away a small (8 oz) and large (32 oz) Espro Press to our readers. Do one

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Coffee and Cats: A Tribute


The best part of waking up is Folgers feline in my cup (I’d take cat hair over Folgers any day). These desk creatures have a knack for sitting on our keywords, tearing up toilet paper and yes, getting into our morning coffee. Yet what would we do without these lifelong companions? Here’s to coffee and cats. 1. I can’t make coffee until he moves! Photo: Thomas Cizauskas 2. This one gets away with everything Photo: Peter Clark 3. Just

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The Caféjo My French Press: Blasphemy by the K-Cup


  Ever come across a product and say, “Huh? Why would anyone want that?” That was exactly my reaction when I came across the Cafejo My French Press on The product’s creator touts that it’s the only French press on the market specifically designed to brew K-cups. That’s right– the only one. Last week I touched on the problems with K-cup coffee, namely the high price and low quality of the capsules. Keurig owners in-the-know buy K-cups because

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Tips for Making the Most of Your EkoBrew or Refillable K-Cup


The EkoBrew is a hot item this holiday season. Refillable K-cups are the only way out of the Keurig sink hole, which gets deeper and deeper as you spend increasing amounts of money on stale K-cups. The Ekobrew or similar K-cup won’t turn your Keurig into a five-star coffee maker overnight, but when used properly it’s one hell of an improvement. Follow our tips for better coffee with the Ekobrew and other refillable K-cups. 1. Grind your coffee fresh

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5 Coffee Gifts Under $50


Christmas is right around the corner, but it’s not too late to find something for that special coffee lover in your life. Chances are good this person already has a French press and probably wouldn’t be caught dead with a Keurig. Here are some last-minute gift ideas for a caffeine-filled Christmas on-the-cheap. 1. Aerolatte with Frothing Pitcher The Aerolatte is one hell of a milk frother. This gadget frothes any type of milk for cappuccinos and other coffee drinks

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Web Picks of the Week

woman drinking coffee

October and the first days of fall are finally here. Cold rainy mornings are always the best for a cup of fresh coffee.   1.Check out Whole Latte Love’s new YouTube stream. Here you can see a number of espresso machines in action,discover the different types and learn more about espresso machine maintenance.   2. International Delight is giving away free tumblers, according to Coffee Stylish. Also check out their post about coffee in Arabia.   3. In the

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Web Picks of the Week

stumptown coffee

Hurricane Issac may have ruined my plans for this week (all the coffee survived), but Coffee Krave’s Web Picks of the Week is still on! Dear Coffee, I Love You has a great overview of the new Able Kone filter. This stainless steel coffee filter can replace the paper filters of the Chemex coffee maker (or any other coffee-brewing apparatus, really), resulting in an oil-rich brew with a much different flavor. Heading to Seoul soon? FRSHGRND has a great

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Web Picks Wednesday

coffee at work

  “Coffee falls into the stomach … ideas begin to move, things remembered arrive at full gallop … the shafts of wit start up like sharp-shooters, similies arise, the paper is covered with ink …” -Honoré de Balzac Coffee just happens to be falling into my stomach right now. While I’m still awake to write and you’re still awake enough to read, why not check these recommended reads before starting your work day? 1. Heavenly iced coffee recipe. Tasty,

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