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The Top Coffee Tourism Destinations Jul18

The Top Coffee Tourism Destinations

If you haven't make your summer travel plans yet, it's time to get cracking. Ditch the Blackberry, find someone to take care of the kids and check out our list of the best coffee travel destinations. It's time to see the world!

Espresso 101: Why Everyone Needs a Good Knock Box

Knock boxes are like the middle child of the espresso world-- we'd never give them second thought unless they went missing. Perhaps this is a little harsh to readers with older and younger siblings, but the take home is knock boxes serve an essential purpose but are generally overlooked. They're well worth the investment if you're not already using one.

The Top 5 Coolest Etsy Coffee Mugs

Great coffee deserves a great place. Those 99-cent IKEA mugs get old very quickly and there are more options than the local Hallmark store for unique coffee mugs. Check out Coffee Krave’s favorite Indie picks from Etsy. 1. Fill the Line Normally I’m not a fan of “Give me coffee” or “Grumpy until I get coffee”-type mugs. They’re too cliche. This “Fill the line” concept puts a new spin on an old adage.   2. Spiky Coffee Mug No one will mess with you or your coffee with this made-to-order mug. Attach it to a stick and you’ve got a great mace for medieval office combat.   3....

The La Pavoni Europiccola: Lever on a Budget

Lever espresso machines are all the rage these days. Manual control, while perhaps intimidating to the novice, with practice leads to the holy grail of espresso. The design of lever espresso machines-- combined with the right hand-- results in a shot that is sweeter and smoother than anything an auto can put out. Yet this espresso ecstasy doesn't come cheap. Many lever machines run into the thousands. Let's take a look at the La Pavoni Europiccola, a sub-$1,000 lever espresso machine for the coffee snob on a budget.

20 Famous Coffee Quotes Jun16

20 Famous Coffee Quotes

Last summer, Robyn posted some of our favorite coffee quotes from around the web. Forget the thoughts of the common folk! What do famous figures think about coffee? As the 20 quotes below attest, they have nothing but good things to say about this truly remarkable drink.