Christmas is right around the corner, but it’s not too late to find something for that special coffee lover in your life. Chances are good this person already has a French press and probably wouldn’t be caught dead with a Keurig. Here are some last-minute gift ideas for a caffeine-filled Christmas on-the-cheap.

1. Aerolatte with Frothing Pitcher

The Aerolatte is one hell of a milk frother. This gadget frothes any type of milk for cappuccinos and other coffee drinks in 15 to 20 seconds. Just rinse it under the faucet or run it in soapy water to clean. A stand and batteries are also included. Combine the Aerolatte with a frothing pitcher for a more authentic experience (you can always froth in a mug or cup, however).

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2. Stelton To Go Thermo Mug

I have a love-hate relationship with to-go mugs. They seem to consist of two groups– breakable plastic products that absorb odor and oversized metal thermoses. Most lack aesthetics. I didn’t think there was a good in-between until I found the Stelton To Go. At $40 this Danish-designed mug isn’t cheap, but it’s the ideal size (10 ounces) and beautifully designed. It’s a gift that will last a long time.

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hario mini mill coffee gift

3. Hario Mini Mill Grinder


With a great grind comes great coffee, but forget about blade grinders. For the highest quality grind possible on a budget, Coffee Krave recommends a burr grinder such as the Capresso Infinity or Baratza Maestro. Yet at over $100 these aren’t  suitable for our list. As an alternative try the Hario Mini Mill or Kyocera manual coffee grinders. These hand-powered grinders cost about the same as low-end electric grinders and provide phenomenally better results. They make for great stocking stuffers.

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4. Bodum Bistro Mugs

These 10-ounce double-walled insulated mugs keep coffee warm in style. Mugs are an excellent way to say thanks to that friend who always makes you coffee. If you wish to creep above the $50 mark, perhaps a set of four is in order.

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5. Chemex Coffee Maker

chemex coffee maker

Even if you failed high school chemistry, you can still make Chemex coffee. The Chemex gives users much more control over a brewing process that produces brew with clarity and depth. The brewer controls everything from the infusion time to the water temperature, so it’s perfect for anyone who wants to experiment with coffee  beyond a French press.