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Choosing the Best Coffee Grinder: The Ultimate Guide

The old adage of “value in, value out,” applies more so to coffee than most other aspects of life. You’re doing yourself no favors with that cheap electric  grinder you picked up on sale last year. There’s an unofficial rule that for every dollar you spend on an espresso machine, half that should go toward a coffee grinder. The best grinders put out a consistent grind across the very fine to coarse spectrum. Combined with freshly roasted beans, the end result

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Gourmet Coffee on the Cheap– The Ultimate Guide

Don’t listen to what people tell you– gourmet coffee isn’t something shot out a cat’s ass. And it most certainly isn’t a sugar-stuffed Frappuccino (why not get a McFlurry?) or the $12 cinnamon-vanilla premium blend at the grocery store. Gourmet coffee is coffee done right. Contrary to what the big chains may tell you, you don’t have to pay the price of a meal to get a good cup of coffee. This guide shows you how to brew outstanding coffee at home that

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The Best Tasting Coffee: Does it Exist?

“What is the best-tasting coffee in the world?” I’ve been asked this question or a similar one more than a few times. And the answer isn’t so straightforward. There may be a best car under $20,000, best restaurant in town or a best man for your wedding, but there is no single best-tasting coffee for everyone. Photo via Unsplash

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How Much Caffeine is too Much?

Maybe you feel jittery and have trouble concentrating at the end of the day, or perhaps you have a fever or throbbing headache. Either way, the symptoms of a caffeine overdose are usually very apparent– they often involve a trip to the toilet. Some symptoms of too much caffeine manifest themselves later in the day, such as insomnia and restlessness. But what about the gray area between a few cups of coffee and too much caffeine?

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The Science of Coffee: An Essential Guide to the Ultimate Wonderdrug

It’s time to separate myth from fact. Coffee is more than a dose of caffeine. This wonderdrug also supplies a wide array of antioxidants and even a few vitamins and minerals that make coffee perhaps the most affordable and effective health serum on the market. If you’re not a coffee drinker yet, this article will change your mind. What follows is a treasure trove of research findings about the health benefits of coffee, some you probably already know and others which will

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Choosing the Best French Press

To press, or not to press, that is the question. If you are as big of a fan of the French press as we are, then your answer is simple—“To press!” From there, we arrive at a much more complicated question: “Which is the best French press?” See the bottom of this post for our best press picks. Heading straight for Amazon isn’t much help: “French Presses: Showing 1 – 24 of 557 Results.” Your kneejerk reaction to this shopping dilemma

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