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How I fell in love with the Chemex

Pouring with a Chemex

It was a quiet Wednesday in Houston when I ventured to a small coffee shop in the Montrose area near my workplace. The barista asked if I was in a hurry, to which I replied, “Not at all!” – And I am so glad I wasn’t. He shot me a smile as he introduced me to the wonders of the a new coffee maker. It was a strange brewer that resembled a flower pot. He meticulously went through the

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We’re looking for writers

coffee drinker

So you like coffee. A lot. Coffee Krave is hiring 2-3 bloggers on a freelance basis to publish 2-5 posts per month each. Topics include top-10 lists, product reviews, and gear guides. Click here to apply. We’re looking for someone who: — Has a sense of humor and fun attitude — Knows the proper grind setting for a French press — Can taste the difference between pour-over and Aeropress — Loves writing and wants to grow with us In

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Choosing the Best Coffee Grinder: The Ultimate Guide


The old adage of “value in, value out,” applies more so to coffee than most other aspects of life. You’re doing yourself no favors with that cheap electric  grinder you picked up on sale last year. There’s an unofficial rule that for every dollar you spend on an espresso machine, half that should go toward a coffee grinder. The best grinders put out a consistent grind across the very fine to coarse spectrum. Combined with freshly roasted beans, the end

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The Top 5 Coolest Etsy Coffee Mugs


Great coffee deserves a great place. Those 99-cent IKEA mugs get old very quickly and there are more options than the local Hallmark store for unique coffee mugs. Check out Coffee Krave’s favorite Indie picks from Etsy. 1. Fill the Line Normally I’m not a fan of “Give me coffee” or “Grumpy until I get coffee”-type mugs. They’re too cliche. This “Fill the line” concept puts a new spin on an old adage.   2. Spiky Coffee Mug No

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The La Pavoni Europiccola: Lever on a Budget

la pavoni Europiccola

Lever espresso machines are all the rage these days. Manual control, while perhaps intimidating to the novice, with practice leads to the holy grail of espresso. The design of lever espresso machines-- combined with the right hand-- results in a shot that is sweeter and smoother than anything an auto can put out. Yet this espresso ecstasy doesn't come cheap. Many lever machines run into the thousands. Let's take a look at the La Pavoni Europiccola, a sub-$1,000 lever

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